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Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal

Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal
On July 12, 2014, Rahu Peyarchi will take place from Thulam Rasi to Kanni Rasi. Hence, we are giving you Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal. It is also known as Rahu Transit. In astrology, Rahu is a shadowy planet and represents the air element in our body. Planet Rahu is also known as the master of sorcerer studies and powers. Troubles and failures will follow those who suffer from a weak Rahu or afflicted Rahu in their Rasi Palan. Planet Rahu governs the sectors such as lottery, gambling, speculation or trading, which gives sudden losses or profits. Rahu is the most feared and at the same time respected planet, as it can make an individual a beggar or a billionaire at one go. Well, let’s see how this Rahu Peyarchi in Kanni Rasi will favor each zodiac sign. 

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Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal – Mesham

Mesham Rasi individuals will meet with success in all their endeavors as a result of Rahu Peyarchi in Kanni Rasi. You will have a successful growth in your job or business. With this Rahu Peyarchi, your financial status will also improve. As per Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal, you may get a promotion at work and appreciation from your seniors. Rahu Peyarchi 2014 will make you win over your competitors. This happy mood will spread in your home as well and will make everyone happy. A long journey or a trip will bring you profit, says Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal for Mesham. However, there is also some worrying news for you; health may be a big concern in 2014. When in trouble, offer red lentils to the needy. 

Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal – Rishabam

Due to Rahu Peyarchi in Kanni Rasi, you will have trouble in making right decisions, which might land you in trouble. You will encounter deals that may tempt your interest in money. But, we suggest you to take up any deal only after thoroughly investigating it. According to your Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal, taking risk in financial matters can prove to be dangerous. Also, Rahu Peyarchi 2014 warns you to keep away from unwanted lawsuits or legal troubles. You should monitor your eating habits; otherwise, you will have to face troubles with your health. During troubled times, wear a silver ring. 

Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal – Midhunam

You may have to face some domestic troubles because of this Rahu Peyarchi in Kanni. The efforts you put in your work may go in vain, which might sadden you. But, you need to strive forward and win the situation. As per Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal, you will get annoyed by your friends and family, but try seeing things in a lighter perspective. This will help in maintaining a good bond. Further, as per Rahu Peyarchi, you will tempt to earn money by wrong ways, try not to give in to these temptations. When in trouble, worship Goddess Saraswathi. 

Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal - Kadagam

This Rahu Peyarchi will keep you all active and energetic. Your popularity in the social circle will also increase. Work will start to shine in your company and promotion is also on the way. There are chances of earning profit in your business. Rahu Peyarchi in 2014 also brings in some family time. Trips and outings will bring in old friends together. When in trouble wear an 8 Mukhi (faced) Rudraksha. 

Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal - Simmam

This Rahu Peyarchi in Kanni won’t turn out to be a very beneficial one for you. There are possibilities of tensions and troubles arising in your domestic life, as per Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal. You will face hurdles from your competitors. As per your Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal, special attention is need when financial matters are concerned. Health also should be under proper surveillance. When in trouble, keep a solid silver ball with you. 

Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal - Kanni

With Rahu coming to your first house, you will be fickle minded and end up making wrong decisions. You might feel some resistance in your mind. As such, you need to bring some disciplined approach into your lifestyle. Rahu Peyarchi in 2014 will help in maintaining a good relationship with your life partner. According to the Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal, you should avoid taking short cuts for earning money. As such, a method will not prove lucky long enough. When in trouble, flow coconuts in water. 

Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal - Thulam

With Rahu Peyarchi in Kanni Rasi, your expenditures will increase. There will be unexpected trips and journeys coming your way. Rahu Peyarchi in 2014 will bring some changes at your home or workplace. Family life will have tensions rising. Further, as per Rahu Peyarchi in 2014, you will have to face some troublesome situations created by your opponents. It is during such situations that you should stay focused and work harder. 

Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal - Viruchigam

With this Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal, your life seems to be filling with positivity. You will be motivated to try out something new. Due to which, you will also meet new people. Your friends and family will be your biggest support. Rahu Peyarchi in 2014 will make you go on a long distance journey, which will prove beneficial for you. When talking about familial or personal life, Rahu Peyarchi in 2014 will bring only positive vibes in your life. Health will also be a matter of no worry. However, some small ailments might slow you down a little. When in trouble, donate barley at worship place. 

Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal - Dhanusu

This Rahu Peyarchi in Kanni Rasi will push your confidence higher. Your strength is your perseverance and strive harder attitude. Your work will fetch you accolades. Promotion is also on the cards, as per Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal. You will build stronger relations with your seniors and influential people around. According to Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal, you will win over your opponents. Your health will also be good during this period. When in trouble, offer food to visually impaired people. 

Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal - Magaram

Although Rahu is in your Bhagya Sthana (ninth house), this Peyarchi will not be in your favor. As such, you will encounter mixed results during this Rahu Peyarchi in 2014. However, you will get ample chances to perform well at work, which you will be successful in. Your self-confidence will help you achieve success. However, you should take care to maintain a good relation with your parents and friends during these tough times. When in trouble, apply red Tilak (mark on your forehead). 

Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal - Kumbam

Rahu’s Peyarchi 2014 in Kanni means that Rahu is in your eighth house. As such, this situation of Rahu in Kanni is considered not good for you, and that is why you will face hurdles in your work. You will also have some doubts in your mind, which you should try to ignore. This Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal suggests you to strengthen your public relations. Those in working sector will also have to face some problematic times. You might have some strained relations with your spouse. This Rahu Peyarchi will also expose you to some ESPs (Extra Sensory Perceptions). When in trouble, keep a square piece of silver with you. 

Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal - Meenam

According to the Rahu Peyarchi in 2014 in Kanni Rasi, you are required to stay cautions in everything you do. Try maintaining a good relation with your spouse and family members. This Peyarchi will give you trouble in your daily routine. As per Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal, you should try to avoid lawsuits. Always be self-dependent. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should follow a healthy diet. This Peyarchi warns you to avoid long journeys as much as possible. When in trouble, flow 6 natural coconuts in flowing water. 

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Hope this Rahu Peyarchi 2014 Palangal comes of use in planning your year well. Make use of this article to the most.

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