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Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Rahu Peyarchi in Thulam

According to the mythology of Vedic Astrology and Hinduism, Rahu is a shadowy planet worshipped as a deity. It is believed that he rides all dark forces and black practices. Rahu is the planet that rules the activities of sudden losses or sudden profits. For example, lottery, gambling, wagering, horse races and allied activities. Rahu is the only planet that can make one beggar or king in fraction of seconds. This Peyarchi of Rahu is from Viruchigam (Scorpio) to Thulam (Libra). It is occurring on 23rd December 2012. Let’s now know the impact of Rahu Peyarchi on other Rashi.

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Mesham

Rahu is in Thulam, which will make your relations sour with your family and friends. Your planned events will not come into action. Family members will eventually start behaving rude with you. You are advised to stay at bay from legal troubles. You are required to see the reality of life. You need to curb your habit of day dreaming. In this time, you are advised to get dependent on your family or relatives for anything. This time is also not favourable for journeys. Keep a check over what you eat.

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Rishabam

Rahu Peyarchi in 2013 is favourable for you. Rahu with Thulam is signifying success for you. During this time, you will see some positive changes at your workplace. Time is also very good for financial matters. In this time, you will also get support from some reputed people in connection with Government. This is the time when you will see your opponents falling down. In this time, your journeys will also favour you. A harmonious environment at home will make you feel blessed. You are advised to take good care of your health. During this time, a powerful deal will empower you.

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Midhunam

Peyarchi of Rahu in 2013 is not bringing good times for you. Your decision making abilities will suffer. In this time, you will expect good deeds from wrong people, which will make you disheartened at the end. This time is not good for betting or wagering. You might get estranged with your loved ones in this time, which is not good for you. Don’t put your leg in the matters related to legal troubles. Take good care of your health.

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Kadagam

Peyarchi of Rahu in Thulam might make all your efforts worthless. Due to which your mental agony will heat up. Your bosses will also pour their rage on you considering you a trash box. Some troubles seem to be dwelling at your place. It seems that you might get into trouble with your closed ones. Therefore, you are advised to stay calm to avoid any trouble. You are strictly advised not to indulge in any fast money making prospect.

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Simmam

In 2013, you are going to become more energetic than usual because of the effect of Rahu Peyarchi. And, throughout the year you will stay the same. Due to your unending energy, you will able to complete all your tasks in less than the expected time. This will also boost up your confidence. Hence, you will be appreciated by others. In this time, it seems that your relation with siblings will strengthen. Some joyous news will also delight your mood. In this time, you will find a rise in your prestige. After going through all these effects, we can conclude that Rahu Peyarchi is quite favourable for you. In 2013, you will get special luck for job, career and trade. A long awaited promotion at work will also delight you.

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Kanni

As per the predictions made by the experienced astrologers of (an AstroSage initiative), year 2013 doesn’t seem much favourable for the people under the sign Kanni. You people might get troubled with the daily tasks. Before initiating any new work, you are advised to look at its prospects from all angles. It is always good to research before starting any new venture. From the family front it seems that you might stay stressed because of strained environment. In 2013, you might become outrageous at times due to the fear of insecurity. Apart from all these factors your health will be fine.

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Thulam

In 2013, Peyarchi of Rahu is occurring in your first house. This Rahu Peyarchi might develop your evil instincts. You are advised to take things slow and act slow. A little hurry in making decisions or anything else can affect you adversely. In 2013, it seems that your relations with females might become sour. In this time, your loved ones might cheat on you. Shortcuts for making money will push you toward the ditch of troubles. In case of any health issue, consult a doctor immediately. Perform Rahu Shanti Puja.

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Viruchigam

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 is indicating a change in your residence this year. Apart from this, a change at work place is also expected. In this time, your expenditures will rise. You might indulge yourself in arguments with your family and friends. Frequent journeys in this time will make you exhausted. Over that, they won’t benefit you anyhow. It seems that your opponents will put their best efforts to hurt you. In 2013, some fake friends will ruin your reputation. Health of your closed ones might keep you stressed.

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Dhanusu

2013, it seems that this year is bringing some favourable moments for you. In this time, your contacts with some influential people will grow. Income and its sources will increase. In 2013, you might also hold on some new ventures. Rahu Peyarchi 2013 is indicating that your friends and followers will stand by you in the time of need. You will make new contacts with people from different places. Rahu Peyarchi 2013 is indicating good times with family as well as love partner. Your opponents will become weak. Apart from all these things your health will be fine.

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Magaram

Rahu Peyarchi in 2013 is indicating self confidence in you this year. In this time you will become more daring, which will drive you crazy to struggle in your love life. As a result of your hard work at workplace, you will get profits in business. Your bond with seniors at workplace will strengthen. In this time you will touch the heights of success in business. Rahu Peyarchi 2013 predicts that you will be able to defeat your rivals this time easily. In 2013, your health will stay good.

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Kumbam

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 is bringing mixed results for you this time. In 2013, your business will touch good heights. As a result of your determination and hard work, you will succeed in everything you pursue. On the other hand, you need to take special care of your parents as well as elders’ health. You might become egoistic this time, don’t let this overlap your personality entirely. Due to this, your popularity might suffer.

Rahu Peyarchi 2013 Palangal – Meenam

Rahu Peyarchi in 2013 is not very favourable for the people under Meenam sign. In this time, some accidents might take off your mental peace. All your attempts will be failed in the path of desired success. However, you will get a part of it. You are advised to stay brave and don’t let any fear or doubt over power your mind. On the other hand, you are advised to put your best efforts toward your life partner as well as business partner. In this time, you might develop some interest for esoteric sciences. You are advised to keep an eye on your health.

Remedies for Rahu

In this section, you will find some remedies to eliminate the bad effects of afflicted Rahu.
  • Wear a silver ring or keep silver in any form with you
  • Donate red lentils to your domestic help. This will enhance the flow of positivity and happiness in your life. It will also increase the life of your domestic help
  • If a person falls ill due to afflicted Rahu, immerse wheat or barley in water equal to the weight of that person
  • Keeping barley at head side while sleeping will keep all psychological troubles at bay
  • For the issues related to your father, flow wood or coal in water equal to your weight
  • The above practice will also help in flourishing your business
  • Worship Goddess Saraswati
  • Do not accept any electronic item, steel utensils or blue clothes for free
  • Abstain yourself from liquor and tobacco

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